Your Introduction to Ballet

Ballet Workout is a unique method based on the core elements of classical ballet. The program was specially designed so that no dance or fitness experience is needed. We welcome all women between 16 and 70 years old. We will strengthen your muscles, develop flexibility, do cardio and improve your posture. You will work on your body and mind at the same time and have an accomplished, wonderful feeling after the class.

Our ballet classes for children have numerous benefits and will boost their cultural and physical development. During Ballet Workout we teach choreography and stretching in addition to the basics of ballet. They dance on classical music and can use their imagination. They develop their creativity and also physically train their bodies which leads to better health. In addition, through ballet they also learn discipline, perseverance, artistry and good posture.

Event Schedule

27 March 2022

We will be learning the basics of ballet, dancing choreography and stretching. Experience is not necessary. For everyone from 16-70 years old.

  • Tatevik Mkrtoumian
  • 19:00
  • Burj Club, Burj Khalifa
1 April 2022

Basics of ballet, stretching, choreography, coordination exercises. For 6-10years old children.

  • Olga Mkrtoumian
  • 15:00
  • Burj Club, Burj Khalifa

Our Teachers

Tatevik Mkrtoumian

Professional Ballerina - Soloist

Tatevik started ballet when she was 5 years old in Russia. At this age she already took part and won prestigious prizes at various Russian ballet competitions. With both parents being professional ballet dancers, Tatevik inherited the passion for ballet. After moving to Belgium at the age of 7 she was the first girl to be accepted into the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp without audition. After graduation she was invited to the biggest Estonian Theatre, theatre Vanemuine. After just a few weeks she got her first solo part and danced there for 5 years as a professional ballerina. She toured with the company to Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium and many other countries. After her return Belgium Tatevik Mkrtoumian founded the Ballet Workout school, wrote the book Ballet Workout that is the first and only book about ballet in Belgium and founded the Ballet Workout App using her Ballet Workout Method. In her classes you will make your childhood dream to feel like a ballerina come true.

Olga Mkrtoumian

Professional Ballerina & Choreographer

Olga Mkrtoumian is our choreographer and teacher for children. Her students have won numerous awards at the most prestigious dance competitions in Russia. She makes sure that the children fall in love with this art and achieve beautiful results while enjoying the dance. Because every child is different she has a customized, individual approach for each child. The lessons are in the form of play which makes it easier for them to pick up the material and enjoy doing the exercises. Each class we set goals for the children to achieve so they experience the satisfaction of their work and results. This is very important for their future regardless of the profession they choose and gives them confidence.

Our Event Pricing

Adult Pass

For Adults

  • Event Access
  • Master Class Certificate
  • Mobile App Access

Kids Pass

For Children

  • Event Access
  • Master Class Certificate
  • Mobile App Access

Event Certificate

After the event you will receive a certificate from the ballet teachers that you have participated the official Ballet Workout event.

  • Signed Certificate